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Welcome to E-Broker

Our Offerings

At E-Broker, powered by Blac & Co. Real Estate LLC, we provide a structured and comprehensive membership program that includes two key portals:

Each portal is designed to offer specific features that will prepare you for success in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.

E-Learning Real Estate University

This educational portal offers 20 in-depth recorded courses that provide a thorough understanding of the real estate landscape in Dubai.

Below are the 20 courses.

Each course is meticulously crafted to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in Dubai’s competitive real estate market. You will learn about everything from the basics of Dubai real estate and local laws to detailed insights into market sectors and land department regulations. To ensure your proficiency, we provide continuous 24/7 live support and regular assessments, leading to a certification recognized by Blac & Co. Real Estate that bolsters your credentials.

Business Platform

Once you complete your course, you transition to our business platform, which is aimed at translating your educational achievements into practical success. This platform offers you an instant job opportunity with Blac & Co. Real Estate, along with access to real-time buyer and property leads. It features advanced communication tools and specific features, which are listed below.

Our business platform ensures that you have all the tools and support needed to translate your training into real-time success, allowing you to effectively and efficiently serve your clients and grow your career in the competitive Dubai real estate market.

Additional Benefits of Joining the E-Broker Membership Program

When you sign up with E-Broker, you get a lot of perks that help boost your career in real estate:

Training Certifications

Once you finish the courses at our E-Learning Real Estate University, you’ll earn a certificate. This certificate proves you’ve learned important skills and makes your resume stronger, helping you stand out in the real estate market.

Instant Remote Job Opportunities

Right after you complete your courses, you can start using what you've learned in real jobs; this lets you gain practical experience right away.

Lifetime Membership

Your membership will always give you access to all our learning materials, support, and any new updates. This helps you keep learning and growing as the industry changes.

Competitive Commission Structure

Our Business Platform lets you earn a 35% commission on your sales, and you get paid just three days after a deal closes.