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The E-Broker Membership Program, by Blac & Co. Real Estate LLC, offers a comprehensive platform structured into two portals

E-Learning Real Estate University and Business platform.

Each portal is designed with specific features that are tailored to empower real estate professionals in Dubai’s dynamic market.

E-Learning Real Estate University

The first portal of our services is the E-Learning Real Estate University, which focuses on educational development. This portal includes 20 in-depth recorded courses that cover a wide range of crucial topics. Members will learn the basics of Dubai real estate, explore both primary and secondary market sectors, and delve into Dubai real estate laws and land department regulations. The curriculum further includes specialized training in areas such as how to become a broker, rental management, sales strategies, and mortgage processing. Practical skills courses such as area performance analysis, negotiation techniques, and a detailed look at property and analysis portals in Dubai are also included.
To ensure certification of these subjects, the platform offers continuous 24/7 live support, along with regular assessments to test knowledge and understanding. Successful completion of these courses leads to a certification recognized by BLAC & CO REAL ESTATE, bolstering a member’s credentials in the real estate market.

Business Platform

The second portal is the Business Platform, designed to turn educational achievements into real-time success. After completing their course, members can secure a real estate job with Blac & Co. Real Estate, allowing them to earn money online by selling real estate properties. This platform provides real-time buyer and property leads, enabling immediate market engagement. It includes advanced communication tools, such as in-system calling features, WhatsApp integrations, and email integrations, to streamline client interactions.

Anyone with the necessary skills can be hired, simplifying the hiring process and eliminating the hassle of job hunting. Members also enjoy essential support services like viewing support, sales support, and 24/7 live chat. The platform provides access to technical and legal advisory services, along with guidance from experienced real estate professionals, helping members confidently handle complex transactions. Additionally, the competitive commission structure allows users to earn 35% commissions within three working days, significantly boosting their earning potential.

Avail this E-broker’s dual-portal services by grabbing the membership program, which offers a robust framework for both learning and applying real estate knowledge, providing members with all the tools they need to succeed in Dubai’s competitive real estate market. Whether you are starting your career or looking to advance further, E-Broker provides the learning and practical platform to achieve your goals.